I will soon be married. It will be a modest affair, compared to the scale of many mega-weddings, those maelstroms of stress and grandeur. But there will be vows; there will be a ceremony; I bought a new suit. My beloved wife-to-be now wears a ring, and in about a week I will wear one too.


A former classmate gets it right. Damn right.

[Louisiana governor Bobby] Jindal declared, “Absolutely, we’re not implementing the exchanges. We’re not implementing Obamacare” following the Supreme Court’s ruling that Obamacare is constitutional.

I think this is a great decision by Gov. Jindal. What with the proliferation of health problems in Louisiana—including our extraordinarily high instances of cancer—it only makes sense to block access to healthcare for those who either can’t afford it or have some kind of preexisting condition. 

Taken together with today’s announcement that the state is cutting funding from libraries, the gutting of CODOFIL’s budget, and the education issue, as well as his recent unopposed reelection, it seems like we’re in for an uncomfortable time down here. And that’s not even taking the weather into consideration.

You have grown up in a time when technological and commercial interests are attempting to change our principles and morality. Rather than using our morality and principles to guide us through technological change, there are those asking us to change our morality and principles to fit the technological change–if a machine can do something, it ought to be done. Although it is the premise of every “machines gone wild” story since Jules Verne or Fritz Lang, this is exactly backwards.”

Lowery makes about thirty or thirty-five excellent points in his open letter to a college student who has by her estimation bought 15 of the CDs in her 11,000 song library. But I’m most interested in the way he views the morality of the thing: he exposes the way that we shape our morality to wrap around and cover what we want to do, and how we then ponder with a sort-of theoretical confusion as if no other answer is possible.